It's Your Time Jalen Hurts print


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Saban said:

“Well we’ve always had a lot of faith in Jalen, and I told him when we put him in when Tua got hurt, ‘It’s Your Time.’ And he certainly took advantage of it and did a fantastic job. I’m so proud of this guy for what he’s done this year. I can’t even tell you.

“Great comeback for our team. Showed a tremendous amount of resiliency, you know, in the game. We didn’t play great, but we won the SEC today and we’re so happy about that.”

This print celebrates The University of Alabama Quarter Back Jalen Hurts and his redemption in the 2018 SEC Championship game victory over Georgia.

This print is signed and numbered by artist Larry Pitts and is 11 x 17 and is ready for you to put in any standard ready made frame of your choosing.

It’s entitled,

“It’s Your Time”

*Any item shown with a painted Alabama “A” coin inset in the matting will be substituted for an appropriate Alabama commemorative coin that benefits the print itself as the painted coin is sold out at the moment. If you have questions about availability, please contact us at 205-940-2202.