The Tradition Continues Metallic art print by Daniel Moore


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The Tradition Continues commemorates the 1992 National Champions led by head Coach Gene Stallings and produced by Daniel Moore.

These metallic prints are sleek, modern, high-definition art pieces made of an aluminum panel printed with this specially chosen image that is accentuated by the beautiful reflective quality of the metal.

This stunning, luminous art piece can be displayed on tabletops/shelves or a wall, depending on the backing (easel or hanger) you choose. Total product measurement is 8″x10″, with a thickness of .045″ (1.14mm).

Metallic prints are an archival quality, durable modern take on traditional artwork by Daniel Moore.

Dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating through sublimation, a process that permanently embeds the ink beneath the surface of the metal substrate, making it more durable than traditional paper and canvas imaging.

No need to worry about fingerprints or blemishes. A microfiber cloth and household cleaner can be used to clean these prints.

*Any item shown with a painted Alabama “A” coin inset in the matting will be substituted for an appropriate Alabama commemorative coin that benefits the print itself as the painted coin is sold out at the moment. If you have questions about availability, please contact us at 205-940-2202.