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“A Crimson Tradition” National Championship mini Print


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“A Crimson Tradition” 2010 Alabama National Championship 8×10 Mini Print
Daniel A. Moore’s Tribute to the 2009 National Championship Alabama Crimson Tide Team
This masterwork is the artist’s special commemoration of Alabama’s win over Texas in the 2009 BCS National Championship Game. The painting also pays
tribute to the Crimson Tide’s rich tradition of thirteen National Championships. True to Moore’s innovative use of symbolism that has become a hallmark of his artistic
style and matching his remarkable talent for painting, A Crimson Tradition delivers. As with many of Moore’s works, the symbolism starts with the composition itself. Around
the central figure of Coach Saban the game’s key plays unfold. These unifying circular elements suggest to the viewer that the National Championship trophy is the fulfillment
of Coach Saban’s “process,” as understood and exemplified on the field by his players. The results of the “process” and effort are displayed for posterity by the score of the
game and the number of national championships, carried via the jerseys of the Texas players on the sideline. These players are joined by others, including coaches Mack
Brown and Major Applewhite. All watch in disbelief as the game’s Defensive MVP, Marcell Dareus, rumbles in for a touchdown after his unlikely interception of Garrett
Gilbert’s shovel pass just before halftime.

Only upon further inspection of the painting’s amazing detail, does the viewer notice the miniature portraits of the four former Alabama National Championship coaches. They are
subtly and painstakingly rendered into the facets of the crystal football. The artists explains, “On a deeper look, one sees that Coach Saban is doing more than
just celebrating the 2009 National Championship – he is paying homage to Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Paul “Bear” Bryant, and Gene Stallings as he joins these legendary
coaches as masterbuilders of the “Crimson Tradition.” All appear to cast a bright eye towards future Crimson accomplishments. The artist continues:
“Some lenses break down light into the colors of the spectrum – like a rainbow. Others focus and magnify. Still, others illuminate. A good friend noted that it was my artistic
license that allowed me to defy science by using the facets of the crystal football as lenses to illuminate a singular vision of the past, present and future leaders of the Crimson Tide. Indeed, I wanted that Crimson light from bygone eras to once again illuminate the viewers’ faces with the universal spirit and tradition that uniquely belong to Alabama, as
it guides us as to who we are to become in the future.”


A Crimson Tradition is the second in a series of five masterworks commemorating Alabama’s 2009 championship season. The artist has dubbed this series “The Greatest
Season Ever.” And for good reason. “Alabama’s 2009 season was clearly ‘The Greatest Season Ever’ in collegiate football
history,” the artist insists. “No team in history has gone undefeated with fourteen wins, and has won the National Championship, its respective conference championship and the
Heisman Trophy – all in the same season. I am striving to make each painting in this series a worthy expression and documentation of such a tremendous and unprecedented
accomplishment. So far, I am very pleased with the first two pieces.” “The Greatest Season Ever” commemorative print project is both ambitious and
unprecedented. Moore explains, “Rather than try to throw everything into a single image, I have decided to give the major accomplishments – the National Championship, the SEC Championship and the Heisman Trophy – the attention they deserve by devoting a major painting to each of these historic feats. Undoubtedly, the character of the 2009 edition of the Crimson Tide will be reflected in each of these three paintings, but there are also key moments in two regular season games that I am including in the series. Maximum Block was the first to be released. It is my portrait of the heart and soul of a very special Alabama defensive unit. The other will be the drive against Auburn, which will portray the dogged determination of the 2009 offense.” New Life Art is offering Moore’s paintings of the 2009 season as “The Greatest Season
Ever,” a collector’s suite of five Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, each with matching edition numbers. All five prints in the suite will be made available on an individual basis.
The fine art print of A Crimson Tradition presents the last opportunity for collectors to purchase the 5-print suite of “The Greatest Season Ever” prints with matching edition

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