There Goes Davis Rod Bramblett tribute print


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This Tribute print celebrates one of the best calls in Auburn University history by one of the best play by play announcers EVER,

the late great Mr. Rod Bramblett.

This print is entitled



This print measures 11 x 17 and will fit in any standard frame of your choosing.

It’s signed and numbered by the artist, Larry Pitts.

Rod Bramblett’s Iron Bowl call has itself become part of Auburn folklore and will live on in infamy.

…..”Chris Davis is gonna drop back into the endzone in single safety…Well I guess if this thing comes up short he can field it, and run it out. Alright, here we go…56-yarder, it’s got…no, does not have the leg. And Chris Davis takes it in the back of the end zone. He’ll run it out to the 10…15…20…25, 30…35, 40…45, 50…45, there goes Davis!”….

*Any item shown with a painted Alabama “A” coin inset in the matting will be substituted for an appropriate Alabama commemorative coin that benefits the print itself as the painted coin is sold out at the moment. If you have questions about availability, please contact us at 205-940-2202.